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What if you don’t need to worry about removing clutter, cleaning and organizing when you are getting ready for entertaining your friends? How would you feel if you don’t need to run around making your house look somewhat tidy if you have an unexpected guest? That will be great, right?

The purpose of this website is to help you organize – your home, your workplace, your life. Here you will find articles on how to organize your home, time management and more. These will guide you in creating a lifelong habit that will pay dividends over and over again in terms of happiness, a sense of pride and ownership, give more free time to do things you like, and most of all, lower the stress in your hectic life. You will also see that being organized saves money in the long run. You will never go out and buy something that you already have, only because you can’t find it in the clutter. This increased quality of life takes some work but this website will give you tips and tricks and no-nonsense strategies to achieve your goals in the most efficient manner. Once you de-clutter your life, you can maintain it by following the simple steps you will find here.

The articles on this website are arranged in such a way that you can tackle de-cluttering your life in small chunks.

Remember the following steps abbreviated as "REMAKE":

R – Resolve – You need to decide that it is time to make a change. You need to tell yourself that you will change yourself and your surroundings to help you lead a more productive, stress free and healthy life. You will tell yourself to make this a priority until an organized life becomes your habit.

E – Estimate – Next you will decide the maximum time you want to work on organizing during one session. For example, don’t set out to declutter your kitchen in one day. Do it for a maximum of one or two hours. Continue the next day or the next weekend. You don’t want to burn yourself out. Slow and steady wins the race. For life style changes, make a small but important change and practice till it becomes your habit. Set realistic, achievable goals. But be careful not to set the bar too low.

M – Motivate –Think about the final results you are about to achieve. Think about how it will make you feel. This will help you get started and keep going. Throughout your efforts, stop and look at what you have achieved. Be proud of even the smallest achievement.

A – Action – Execute the action plan. Simply follow the information provided on this site to achieve your goals. Make sure you meet the realistic goals you set for yourself. Hold yourself accountable.

K – Keep it – Once you reach your goals, make sure you maintain it. Follow the tips you will find here to make sure that things don’t go back to old ways. Be on your guard until this becomes your nature.

E – Enjoy – Enjoy the clutter free life! You should be proud of yourself at this point. Congratulations on a job well done!

Keep in mind that every step you take in the right direction will have a positive impact on your life. And it takes you closer to the ultimate goal. Never give up. Keep working towards the end goal in small steps. Let’s get started. Good luck!

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