Cabinet Organizing (Bathroom)

Bathroom cabinet organizing will save you a lot of time and frustration in the morning when getting ready to go about your day.

First step in bathroom cabinet organizing is to take everything out of the cabinets and group them into categories like cleaning supplies (Toilet bowl cleaner, multi surface bathroom cleaner and glass cleaner, something to clean the counter, sink and tub with like a sponge or microfiber cloth, a roll of paper towel and cleaning gloves), towels, bath products (soap, shampoos, conditioners etc.), body care products (body lotion, deodorant etc.), hair care products (hair dryer, curling iron, styling products etc.), face care products (cleansers, cotton balls etc.), cosmetics, oral care (mouthwash, tooth paste, tooth brush, floss), eye care (like contact lenses and solution), perfumes and so on.

Discard old or expired items. If you have half empty bottles of same products, combine them into one container if you can.

Next step in cabinet organizing for bathroom is to put items back.

If you have sink base storage, keep cleaning supplies in a single row in the middle of the cabinet and in front of the drainpipe. By doing so you can have deep and tall storage on both sides of the drainpipe.

The most efficient way to do cabinet organizing is to group items together from each category in storage containers like clear plastic boxes or containers, small plastic drawer units etc. that will fit your cabinet space and label them. Stack these boxes on the sides of the sink base cabinet. Put smaller items like nail clippers, tweezers etc. in plastic food storage bags before putting them in boxes.

Keep items you use daily or often in the front and rarely used items in the back. Putting them in baskets will allow you to reach items in the back easily by sliding the basket out. You don’t have to take everything in the front out to see or get to the things in the back.

You can also put small items like extra toothpaste and toothbrushes, cosmetics, hair accessories, nail clippers, tweezers etc. in a plastic drawer unit. Label the drawers for easy identification.

If you have drawers in the sink base cabinet, store smaller items such as hair dryer, curling iron and washcloths in shallow drawers. Use deeper drawers for bath and hand towels, extra toiletries etc. In case the drawers are not tall enough for stacking folded towels, roll them.

If you have shelves instead of drawers, roll and store towels in a deep basket on the shelves. Also put extra toiletries in a basket and store on the shelves if you have space. This will make it easier to access towels and items in the back.

Reuse baby wipes or similar containers to group hair accessories, perfumes, nail polish, cosmetics etc.

If discrete storage is not an issue, you can use an over the door shoe organizer with clear pockets to store daily use items within easy reach.These organizers have 16 or 24 pockets (4 each in one row) and are very economical.

If space is limited, only keep items you use daily or on a regular basis in the bathroom. Keep an extra roll of bath tissue on top of the toilet tank. Store extra supplies elsewhere like in a linen closet.

Medicine Cabinets:

Bathroom cabinet organizing also involves organizing the medicine cabinet. Medicine cabinet is great not only for medicines but for extra storage of items like toothpastes and brushes, soaps, cotton balls, eye care (like contact lenses and solution), hair and face care products and cosmetics. Group like items and assign shelves for each category. Keep products that you use on a regular basis on the first shelf, such as face care products, deodorant, mouthwash etc. Arrange the additional shelves in order of usage by putting frequently used products on the lower shelves and rarely used products on the higher shelves.

You can keep vitamins and over the counter medications in the kitchen or in the linen closet. This will provide more space in the bathroom for items that needs to be kept in the bathroom especially if you have limited space in the bathroom. It is important to put medicines in an upper shelf or cabinet so that they are out of reach of small children.

Bathroom cabinet organizing gives the highest return for your efforts because you get to enjoy it everyday. Remember to maintain your results!

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