Closet Accessories - Hangers

Even though one of the most basic closet accessories, hangers make your closet look neat and organized.  This is probably one of the most economical and effective closet accessories to maximize even the smallest closet space. Having the right hangers can prevent damage to your clothing, prolonging the life of your garments. Hangers come in a variety of styles, materials (plastic, wood, metal etc.) and colors. Hangers of the same style, type and color provides a cohesive look to the closet.

Slim line cascading hangers maximize closet space. They have a hook in the center so that an additional hanger can be hung from the hanger above. These hangers are only a quarter of an inch thick and have a velvety coating that prevents garments from slipping.  This allows you to utilize the vertical space by aligning clothes vertically rather than horizontally along the closet rod. They cost about 60 cents to a dollar per hanger and are available at department stores and supermarkets. They are relatively expensive compared to plastic hangers but the benefits outweigh the cost. They come in a wide range of colors so that you can coordinate with your home decor.

Buy suit hangers instead of shirt hangers so that you can use it for tops or bottoms or both.

You can also purchase cascading hooks separately for slim line hangers if they don’t come with the attached hook.

If you have a closet with one closet rod and a shelf above, you can cascade up to 5 slim line hangers per inch of the closet rod. This way for the width of about an inch, you can hang at least 5 pieces of clothing. By using suit hangers you can even double this by using each hanger for both top and bottom of coordinating outfits like pants/skirts and matching shirt/top. That is one workweek’s outfit in about an inch.

Even if you have plenty of hanging space, using these hangers will provide extra space for hanging shelves or drawer units for storage of non hanging items.

If your closet is two-tiered (with two closet rods one higher and one about half way from the floor), use the upper one for tops and the lower one for bottoms. Depending on the height between the rods and also the length of the garment, see if you can cascade the hangers. Usually you should be able to cascade at least two.

There are also hangers specially designed for belts, ties and scarves. Usually these hangers have hooks which can be used to hang belts, ties, scarves and necklaces. Scarf organizer hangers have holes to put the scarves through. Similarly, tie hangers have flat hooks with grooves for putting the tie through. There are also multipurpose hangers with curved hooks on one side which can be used for belts, necklaces and scarves and flat hooks on the other side for ties. They come in a variety of styles and are very economical. Depending on the number of belts, ties and scarves you own, chose the one that best suits you needs.

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