Closet Hooks and Racks

This article looks at organizing options that use closet hooks and racks.

Shoe racks: Shoe racks provide better use of space by storing and organizing a large number of shoes in a small area. 

They come in a variety of types (free standing, wall mount or over the door), styles (one piece, tiered, expandable and stackable) and materials (like wood, composite, plastic, resin and metal). They are very economical.

When using the closet floor for shoes, shoe racks are a great choice. Depending on the width of your closet, available height under hanging clothes and number of shoes you own, you can choose expandable, stackable or non expanding multi tiered ones. 

Or use non-expandable one(s) for one or both ends of your closet (put it depth wise). To accommodate the shoe racks, leave ends of the closet without cascading the hangers (or cascade 2 or 3 hangers instead of 5). Place another expandable shoe rack in the center. 

Over the door option: If you don’t have enough floor space for these racks, a space saving option is an over the door shoe rack. They come in 12, 18, 24 or 36 pair sizes and $13 to $30 price range and are available at super markets. To maximize space, you could use both sides of closet door. 

If you have sliding doors you should be able to hang the rack on the inside of the innermost door. However, it will be difficult to see and access the shoes if it is a reach-in closet.  If you don’t mind the aesthetics, you can put it on the front/outside of the outermost door.

For smaller items: Wall-mounted closet hooks and racks are great to organize small items like belts, ties, scarves and even jewelry, without taking space away from the closet rod. Install enough hooks or choose a rack with enough hooks to accommodate your collection of belts. 

When hanging belts from the hooks, keep in mind the weight limit of the hooks. Also try not to hang more than 5 belts from one hook. Otherwise you will have to remove all the belts in the front to retrieve the one in the back. Also separate them by color (black, white, brown etc.) and assign hook(s) for each color. You can install these racks on the side walls of the closet and take advantage of an otherwise unused space.

Both hangers and hooks are great for hanging scarves and ties instead of keeping them inside drawers or boxes, since they won’t get wrinkled. This also allows you to use the drawer/shelf space for other items. 

Belt racks work great for hanging necklaces too. This way you can see what you own at a glance. It provides easy access saving you time.  Divide them by type and then by color within each type and use separate hooks for each type and color. When hanging on hooks, they won’t get tangled unlike storing them in drawers.

For broom closet: Closet hooks and racks also work great in the broom closet. 

Use the vertical space by installing hooks and utility racks to the inside walls (or door) of your broom closet, to store mops, brooms, dusters and dustpans.  Another option is to use an over the door utility rack. This will clear the floor and optimize the available space in the closet. Also this will keep your cleaning tools up, organized, and out of the way. The heads of mops and brooms can get damaged when set on the floor. So keeping them off the floor will make them last longer and work better. This will also provide air drying of wet mops and brooms and prevent bacteria, mold and mildew growth. 

For linen closet: Utilize the linen closet door especially when space is limited with an over the door rack to organize and store toiletries, over the counter medicines and first aid supplies (band-aid, saline solutions etc.). Use the top shelves of this organizer for medicines so that they are out of reach of small children.

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