Closet Shelving Dividers

Closet shelving dividers divide one single large area into smaller, manageable segments or storage compartments. Shelf dividers perform the same function as using boxes, baskets and totes. The advantage of dividers is that you don’t have to take the container out to see or access the items. Also, you are not limited to the size of the container. 

These dividers will keep taller stacks tight and separate. They prevent the stacks from toppling over thus making your closets look neat and tidy. They come in a variety of styles, sizes and materials (for both wire and wood closet shelves) to suit your budget. If you have wire shelving, wire shelf dividers in the same color as your shelving will provide a monochromatic look to your closet. Clear acrylic ones will blend seamlessly by “disappearing” because you only see the stacks of items and not the dividers. Clear dividers will work with both wire and solid shelves.

Once you choose the best option for your wire or solid shelves, space the dividers on the shelves to match the width of the items you are storing. 

Use it in bedroom/clothes closet to divide the space into the size of the garments you are storing like sweaters and other folded items like t-shirts, sleepwear, and activewear.  

Shelf dividers can be used in the linen closet to separate stacks of towels, sheets, table linens etc. 

Shelf dividers are also great in the pantry for separating different groups of items like cans, jars, boxed/instant food, baking needs, oils, vinegars, condiments, spices, dry pasta, rice, dry beans, lentils, snacks, cereals, bottled water, soda, drink mixes, wine, non-refrigerated items (potatoes, onions, garlic) etc. 

Shelf dividers can also work as book ends or separators for reference materials, folders, papers etc. in office closet shelves. By using these dividers you can store smaller manilla folders vertically rather than stacking them horizontally. This provides easy access. This way you can see the labels of all the folders and don’t have to take everything on the top to get to the ones at the bottom. Adjust the dividers so that the folders are held tight between them.

Shelf dividers can be used in the playroom closet to separate and organize toys

Just like shelf dividers, drawer dividers split drawer space into small compartments for arranging each group of like items such as underwear, socks, ties, hosiery, jewelry etc. This provides for easy access especially when items are small by ensuring they don’t become one big jumbled mess.

You can make your own drawer dividers using thick cardboard pieces (or thin pieces of plywood or MDF) cut to size. If using plywood or MDF, cut it a little smaller than the depth of the drawer (but needs to sit snugly) so that you can put scratch guards on both ends to prevent damage to the drawers. Cover the plywood/MDF pieces with contact paper when using in clothes/jewelry drawers to protect items from rough edges of the wood.

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