Miscellaneous Closet Storage Solutions

This is an article about closet storage solutions for clothes, handbags, hats,  jewelry etc. These solutions will provide you a lot of options while organizing. 

Over the door: For handbags and hats, consider over the door organizers. They are available at supermarkets. Instead of storing handbags and hats on a shelf or in a box, they can be neatly arranged and stored out of the way. These are excellent space savers.

Hanging: If you don’t have the door space for over the door organizers, you can use hanging accessory shelf or hanging pocket files  to organize handbags and shoes. These can be hung from a closet rod.

Jewelry organizer: These give an inexpensive option to store jewelries. An 80 pocket (40 on each side) clear pocket organizer is under $13. This can be hung in the closet or on a door using an over the door hook. Its clear pockets make it easier to see the contents and find what you need quickly when getting dressed saving you time. Also pieces of jewelry would not get tangled up and you can take or put back items with ease. Sort the jewelry by type (earrings, rings, pins, brooches, watches etc.), color, theme (flowers or animals) and keep like items in adjacent pockets (or assign rows for each type). 

This is also great for organizing hair accessories like clips and hair bands.

Space saver bags: These are a great space saving option to store out-of-season clothes, rarely used and bulky items like sleeping bags, comforters, blankets, quilts, pillows etc. These are vacuum sealable storage bags. These reusable bags compress the contents when you take the air out using a vacuum cleaner. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Manufactures of these bags claim that they are airtight, watertight, mold, mildew, bug and odor proof. You can reuse cardboard shipping boxes to store these compressed bags. Storing them sideways inside the box instead of stacking will provide easy access.

Drawer units: Depending on available space, you can put plastic drawer units on the closet floor to store socks, underwear, tights etc. This will be ideal for children’s closet.

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