Creative Reuse Ideas

Here are some creative reuse ideas for jars and other food containers.

Containers of animal cracker, peanut butter, jelly, coffee, nuts, sauces, and pickles are excellent to store foods like flour, chocolate chips, dry fruits, nuts, sugar, cereal, rice, dry beans etc., especially if they come in non-resealable or paper packaging. This will keep them fresh longer and protect them from insects.

Reuse jars (peanut butter, jams, jelly, baby food, coffee) to sort and store different sizes (and types) of screws, nails, nuts and bolts, wall anchors etc and label them. You can either put these jars directly or in boxes, on the shelves. Using boxes will make it easier to reach items in the back without taking all the items in the front since you can take the entire box out.

Another creative reuse for these jars is for storing smaller craft items (beads, buttons, ribbons, pins etc.). 

Reuse tall plastic containers like yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese etc. as pots for planting herbs. Kitchen pots with broken handle, or with holes can also be used as planters. You can reuse the plastic lids of the pies you buy from the grocery store as pot saucers for the planters.

My daughter’s preschool wanted kitchen food boxes for their “grocery store”. Her preschool class made post boxes for their “post office” using milk cartons. They cut the top off, covered them with used tissue paper and glued them together. So it is a good idea to ask your local schools or daycares whether they need boxes or plastic containers for any projects. They usually have a lot of creative reuse ideas for boxes!

Reuse different sized plastic food storage bags for non food items like toys. Blocks, puzzle pieces, small cars, action figures, dolls and doll accessories, arts and craft supplies like markers, crayons, glue sticks etc. can be stored in these bags. Because they can be zip locked, their contents won't spill all over the place. 

They can also be used to store extension cords, SD cards, cords and chargers for your electronics like cameras, camcorders etc. 

You can also reuse plastic food storage bags to store craft/sewing supplies like beads, bows, buttons etc.

I reuse small sandwich size food storage bags to sort and store m daughter’s hair accessories like clips, rubber bands etc.

Combine these tips with your own ideas to help the environment and save money!

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