Declutter Fast - by Areas

This section is to help you declutter fast and quickly organize specific areas. If you are tackling a room as a whole, check out the “organize by room” section. There you will find organizing articles to de-clutter your home, room by room.

Car: While talking about decluttering and organizing, we may not think about the car first. However, organizing your car will make your travels both fun and safe. It may also increase the fuel efficiency, if you have been carrying around stuff that you don’t use always. This article gives you ideas that will help you organize your car.

Cabinets: The article on how to declutter kitchen cabinets is here, and focuses on efficiency. It will also save you money in the long run since you won’t buy things you already have because you simply could not find them. Bathroom cabinets are covered here.

Closets: Since there are closets in several rooms of a house, we need to focus them based on functionality or the room they are in. How to declutter Bedroom closets are covered in this article. Other closets in a home are foyer/entryway closet, hallway/bathroom linen closet, and broom closet. Organizing closets can be time consuming, but is well worth the effort.

Desk: Organize your desk to increase productivity by following these simple decluttering steps.

Drawers: Just like closets, drawers are found in different rooms of the house. So the organizing ideas are tailored to suit the items stored in the drawers. Here is how to organize kitchen drawers. When it comes to desk (study/office) drawers try to arrange things to improve efficiency. For closet drawers, the focus is on clothes. I have also added organizing ideas for the entertainment center (media) drawers to store music, videos and more. Here are some ideas to organize your junk drawer.

Pantry: Let us look at ideas to organize pantry. Here we cover both walk-in pantry and smaller pantry. With the help of these ideas, you will be able to de-clutter fast and have an efficient kitchen in no time.

Refrigerator: This article will help you organize your refrigerator.

Shelvings: Shelves are extremely useful as storage units for the garage and utility rooms/basement. You can find helpful ideas for this here. Use them to arrange all your storage items for easy access. Organizing ideas for clothes closet shelves are described here. Office shelving has a different purpose, and that is addressed here.

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