Home Organization Tips
- When you Begin

In this category, you will find home organization tips you can use when you begin. You can access all categories on the Home Organization Tips page.

You may find that you can extend some of the tips listed in this category to another category. After all, they are all organizing tips! They are simply "organized" into categories they fit the best, for ease of readability.

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  1. Try and get your whole family involved. Usually, if people work for something, they are more than likely to want to maintain it. So get everyone involved by splitting up the tasks. This will make the work a lot easier and faster, and the results long lasting.
  2. Always start by clearing the open areas of the room that you are going to organize (like counter/table tops, floors, sofas, beds etc.).
  3. Designate five boxes or trash bags and label them (Keep Here, Move Elsewhere, Sell, Donate, Trash). “Keep Here” is for items that will stay in that room. “Move Elsewhere” is for items that will move to other room(s). You can also designate boxes or trash bags for each room in your house for the “Move Elsewhere” items. That way you don’t have to go through and sort them again. Also you can store these boxes or bags in those particular rooms. As you continue organizing the room and find an item that won’t be staying in that room, put it in the appropriate box (Move Elsewhere, Sell, Donate or Trash). Remember to always label these boxes or bags. Items in the “Keep Here” box can be taken to their appropriate locations once the rest of the room has been organized.
  4. Set realistic goals. Unreachable goals are a recipe for disaster. This is one of the most important home organization tips.
  5. Both task wise and time wise its better to start small and work your way up. You get the feeling of accomplishment in a very short time since you can finish small tasks quicker. As you get more and more used to organizing, larger tasks will be easier to handle. This will also provide motivation to tackle bigger tasks.
  6. Start with something you can do in an hour or couple of hours maximum. Don’t think “ I’m going to organize my kitchen in one weekend” - When you can’t you will be frustrated, disappointed and feel discouraged. This way you are more likely to give up. You don’t even have to finish tasks. Go by time limit.

With that, you are ready to start.

This page will be updated with more home organization tips. So stay tuned! And don't forget to check out tips in other categories.