Home Organization Tips
- While You Organize

In this category, you will find home organization tips you can use while you organize. You can access all categories on the Home Organization Tips page.

You may find that you can extend some of the tips listed in this category to another category. After all, they are all organizing tips! They are simply "organized" into categories they fit the best, for ease of readability.

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  1. Always group like items together. This is a great time saver. As you use items on a daily basis, you get to know and remember where these items are stored. If similar items are together, it is a lot easier to remember. You will never waste time looking for stuff.
  2. Whenever you are organizing cabinets or shelves put lighter items in the upper ones and heavier ones in the bottom cabinets. This way you don’t have to lift heavy items over your head, which can be very difficult as well as unsafe. So give your back a break, and don’t break your back! This is one of the home organization tips that will help you a lot later on.
  3. A simple trick to make your life easier - If you are right handed put spices, utensils, daily use pots & pans etc. on the right side of your stove and vice versa. This will make everything very accessible while you are cooking. Again, it is much more safer this way since you don’t have to reach over hot items to grab that ladle.
  4. If you are storing things not in their original packages, use see through containers (like animal cracker container) for easy identification. Label them if needed using markers or written labels.
  5. Keep a magnetic clip with pieces of paper and pen on the refrigerator door to make a shopping list as soon as things are about to be over.
  6. As you organize if you have more stuff than you have space for, donate or sell items you haven’t used in, say, a year.
  7. If you have the space buy 2 of regularly used items that have longer shelf life. Once you open the second box or can you can buy another one of that item. That way you can make fewer trips to the grocery store or supermarket. The fewer the trips to the stores, the less money you are going to spend because we don’t always stick to the shopping list.
  8. Don’t buy expensive accessories that are too specific to your current situation. You may not be able to reuse them if you move. Also, most of the time, there are cheaper alternatives.
  9. Experiment and see what works for you. If you find a better way of doing things, go for it. You are doing this to make your life organized and simpler.

This page will be updated with more home organization tips. So stay tuned! And don't forget to check out tips in other categories.