Home Organization Tips - Motivate Yourself

In this category, you will find home organization tips you can use for motivation. You can access all categories on the Home Organization Tips page.

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  1. While organizing, remember to stop, look and take pride in what you have accomplished even if it is something as small as one kitchen drawer. Enjoy how your newly organized drawer looks. This will inspire and motivate you to reach your goals.
  2. Periodically visualize how your house will look once everything is organized. This does wonders for your motivation. Imagine your friends visiting and being pleasantly surprised to see a well organized home. Think about the compliments you will receive. Don't forget the peace and tranquility you will feel living in an organized space.
  3. If you enjoy music, play your favorite music while organizing. It will make the work less tedious.
  4. Have a camera handy? Take pictures at regular intervals, or at least before and after. This will show you the transformation and will help you take on the next room or closet.
  5. Use photos you take to create a slideshow so you can share them with your close friends and family. This will give you the sense of accomplishment and motivation to keep going (and will help you not let things go back to old ways). This is one of the home organization tips you can use for any DIY task.
  6. Keep a journal. Jot down the highs and the lows. Use the photos in your journal. Write about how you felt when you finished the first kitchen drawer. What is keeping you from donating things you don't use anymore? Journaling can be a very powerful tool to get you over the difficult times and to re-live the victories. Your private journal is a place you can write down everything in your heart and feel relieved and rejuvenated.

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