How to Clean Your House

This article will give you simple steps on how to clean your house. But before you can clean, you have to get rid of the clutter. Put trash in the trash can, recyclables in the recycle bin and put out of place items back where they belong. Less clutter makes clean up a breeze. To remove clutter and organize your home, see articles on organizing.

Once you have a plan  and decided on the approach (See cleaning checklist article), get cleaning supplies needed for each room, item or task. A vacuum cleaner, rags, sponges, micro fiber clothes, paper towels, duster, mop, bucket, cleaning solutions, trash bags and a pair of rubber gloves are some of the essential items needed to clean house. Using a caddy for all the essential cleaning supplies makes it easy to carry them around the house. This will reduce waste of time and energy as you don’t have to walk back and forth for cleaning supplies. Cleaning checklist article supplements this article on how to clean your house.

Below is a list of tasks for each room. This should give you a pretty good idea about how to clean your house.

Living room:

First get rid of any trash (old newspapers, catalogs, magazines etc.). Put items like books that you have finished reading, remotes, toys and DVDs in their appropriate locations. 

Vacuum crumbs on the couch. Make sure to take the cushions off if possible while vacuuming the sofa(s) and chair(s). Fluff the pillows on the couch/chair. Make sure you dust the furniture - coffee table, end tables, entertainment center, bookcases etc. and wipe off any fingerprints or sticky mess. Clean TV and other electronics according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Finally, vacuum the living room floor and area rugs. You can also vacuum the curtains if you have the right attachment for your vacuum cleaner. 

Dining room:  

First pick up any dishes that are lying on the table and place them in the sink. Then wipe the place mats off any food residue and finally wipe the table top. Lastly sweep the floor. 

Dining room is easier to keep clean if you spend a few minutes every day. After each meal, put the dishes in the sink. Remember to vacuum or mop the floor as required, at least weekly.


First put the dishes, pots and pans, utensils etc. in the dishwasher. If washing by hand, wash and place them in a dish drainer. Next, clean the stove with a wet sponge or rag. Don’t forget to clean the stove controls and handles. Then wipe the countertop. If you haven’t cleaned the appliance and cabinet doors and handles in a while, wipe them clean - especially if there is any dirt or grime. 

It is a good idea to disinfect the countertops, stove controls, handles on drawers and appliances and anything else you touch regularly to prevent cross contamination from meat, fish and poultry.  To remove fingerprints from stainless steel surfaces use a glass cleaner or wet micro fiber cloth. Clean the sink and finally vacuum or mop the floors.


Wipe the counter, mirror, sink, faucet, toilet seat and lid top and bottom and top of the toilet tank to remove dirt and grime. Clean the toilet with a brush. Then clean the tub/shower and tub/shower door or curtain.  Use a disinfecting spray or cleaner designed for the bathroom to kill germs and prevent bacteria growth. Remember to wipe light fixture and the top of medicine cabinet. Finally vacuum/mop the floor and any bathroom rugs.

Using a shower mist on the tub/shower and curtain/door after each use will help prevent mold and mildew growth. That means a little more time before the next cleaning.

Bathrooms need to be cleaned regularly. You will have to clean the bathroom more frequently if you have a lot of people using it.  

Don’t leave wet towels in piles on the floor. This may lead to bacteria growth. Hang them to dry first before putting them in the hamper.


Start cleaning the bedrooms by making the beds. Put any clothes that are on the floor or bed in the laundry or in the closet or appropriate drawers or shelves. Dust and clean the headboard, foot board, night stands, and any other furniture. If you have a fan, make sure you clean the fan blades. Put a sheet or large towel (preferably one in laundry) on the bed, underneath the fan so that dirt and dust won’t fall on the bed. Finally vacuum the floor. 

Once you know how to clean your house and do it once, maintenance is easy. Read the article on maintenance for more ideas that will help you keep your house clean.

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