Importance of Time Management

Let us look at the importance of time management. I never used to give any thought about what I do with my time every day. But one day I started thinking about how much time I waste. I was wasting quite a bit of time partly because I did not realize it and more importantly because I did not manage my time. That led me to be more serious about managing my time.

I will summarize and list the importance of time management that I have realized over the years.

1. You find that you have time to do things.

How many times have you heard someone say “I don’t have time to do it”, “there aren’t enough hours in a day”, “I just don’t have the time”? Quite a few times I am sure. Is it really true?

When you start managing time, you will find that you do have time to do things more often than not. We cannot do everything regardless of how good we are in managing time. But we can do a whole lot better than those who don’t manage time.

2. You will be able to meet commitments.

If you really analyze how you spend time and how you can be more efficient, you will see that you have to prioritize important tasks over not so important tasks. This will enable you to meet your goals, objectives and deadlines.

3. Your productivity will increase.

Every effort you make in managing your time will provide you with an opportunity to focus on the task without distraction. This is the most influential factor in determining productivity. If you have no plan, and if you jump from one task to the other, you will find it hard to complete any of the tasks. Invariably, the tasks take more time to complete. When your productivity increases, you can do other things, like spending more time with your family.

4. Makes you see the bigger picture.

When you manage time, you are forced to prioritize. One aspect of prioritizing is seeing the big picture. That is the only way you can identify the tasks that add value. What is the advantage? You link your tasks to the ultimate goal. You eliminate the tasks that don’t help you get to your goal. Result is a better chance of meeting your goal faster. You see the purpose behind your work. That lets you enjoy your work more and improves the quality of your work.

5. You are in control.

When you plan your day out, you take control of your day. Otherwise, someone else will. You know what you need to do, and how you have divided your time. Any other tasks will have to be of higher priority to get on your schedule. Otherwise you will spend the whole day responding to trivial items that show up, and won’t get to the important tasks.

6. Help others.

This may be the most unexpected item when talking the importance of time management. A lot of people stand to benefit from your work every day. When you tackle the most important tasks with focus, you are in fact helping others. For example, at the workplace, you will be a better and dependable co-worker - You won’t forget commitments, you won’t be late to the meeting etc.

Start managing your time and enjoy the benefits!

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