Organize Bedroom (Master)

This article is about how to organize bedroom, specifically the Master Bedroom. We all have a hectic life. Master bedroom is your own private retreat, a serene oasis, a place for rest and rejuvenation. As soon as you walk in, you should feel relaxed and peaceful. This is where you de-stress and unwind after a long day. So organize the bedroom and keep it clutter free in order to achieve this.

If you haven’t read my article on tips yet, I strongly suggest you read it before you begin organizing any of the rooms. That article will help you get through these tasks a whole lot easier and keep your results once you are done.

To organize a bedroom and closet can be a big task, though not as involved as organizing your kitchen or home office. But this task is large enough that I would like to re-iterate the importance of setting realistic goals and splitting tasks into small chunks, so you can complete them in a reasonable amount of time and make progress. Set time limits (1 to 2 hr maximum) for each session of work. Do what you can in that time limit. Then, wait for the next day or weekend. The last thing you want is to feel exhausted. Also look at what you have accomplished and enjoy it. That will inspire and motivate you.

Start to organize the bedroom by clearing items in open areas as explained in article Home Organization Tips (when you begin). Separate them into five categories and appropriately arrange them as explained. Once you are done with this, start emptying the closets, drawers etc. The “Keep Here” items can be grouped if you like. You could group similar items like clothing, shoes, hand bags etc. This is not really important when you organize the bedroom, because you may not keep too many items in the bedroom. But feel free to do this if you do have a large number of items to arrange. Sorting now, as you are going through them, will save time later.

Basic pieces of furniture in this room could be a mattress on bed or rails, nightstand(s) and lamps(s). Depending on space and your needs, you could add chest, dresser and mirror, armoire or wardrobe and a comfortable chair or recliner. Nightstand can be used as the side table for the chair or recliner when placed next to each other.

Drawer(s) or shelf/shelves in the nightstand can be used to store books, eyeglasses, watch or jewelry like an earring or wedding ring, hand lotions or moisturizers, lip balm (chap stick) etc. You can keep a lamp, alarm clock, land or cell phone, box of tissues and a carafe or a bottle of water on the tabletop. These are things you use right before bed. Also you can access them if needed at night without getting out of the bed.

If you don’t have storage in the nightstand, use a small decorative box for items like watch or jewelry, hand lotions or moisturizers, chap stick etc. and a basket underneath the table for books. Keep accessories to a minimum when you organize the bedroom (like a framed photo) to reduce clutter.

Develop a habit of making the bed every morning. If you have a fitted bottom sheet make sure all corners are tucked in and it is snug over the mattress. Flatten the top sheet evenly on the bed. Tuck all sides or just the foot end under the mattress. If you have a bed with footboard you don’t have to do this. Similarly place the comforter on top of the flat sheet. This will hide the un-tucked sides of the sheets. Pull back both the flat sheet and the comforter at the top of the bed just enough to place the pillows, and fold over. Place pillows flat or propped up against the headboard or wall. Or for a simpler and faster way, place the flat sheet and comforter evenly on top of the fitted sheet and place pillows on top. This is important when you organize a bedroom as this gives the impression of a clean and clutter free space as soon as you enter.

Master Bedroom Closet

Since closet is an integral part of a bedroom, organizing it also is necessary when you organize the bedroom. This will save you a lot of time and frustration in the morning when you are getting ready. You don’t want to waste time in the morning.

Organizing the closet depends on the size of the closet and also the amount of clothes you own.

Divide clothing for each person into categories like tops, bottoms and dresses. Subdivide each of these main categories into causal and formal. Tops can again be arranged by sleeve length like no sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves etc. Keep like colors together. Longer bottoms like pants, long skirts, dresses etc. can be folded over a hanger to save space.

Fold and stack sleepwear, loungewear, active wear, T shirts and apparel you cannot hang like sweaters on the shelf above the closet rod. Also use the shelf to store small items like socks, underwear, stockings, scarves etc. grouped together in clear boxes, baskets or totes. These containers can be stacked to optimize space.

If you have a dresser, chest of drawers or armoire/wardrobe unit with shelves or a linen closet in the master bathroom you can store these items there. This will provide space for out of season clothes, extra bedding etc. in the closet shelf. To maximize space, use space saver bags to store such items. These reusable bags compress when the air inside is taken out using a vacuum cleaner. They are available in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Manufactures of these bags claim that they are airtight, watertight, mold, mildew, bug and odor proof.

You can also use hanging accessory shelves for clothing, handbags and shoes. They come in 6, 8 or 10 shelves and with or without drawers. These can be hung from the closet rod. These maximize space by using the vertical space.

Use wall or over the door hooks to hang belts and ties.

Use slim line cascading hangers to maximize closet space. These hangers are only a quarter of an inch thick and have a velvety coating that prevents garments from slipping. They cost about 60 cents to a dollar per hanger and are available at department stores and supermarkets. They are relatively expensive compared to plastic hangers but the benefits outweigh the cost. Also buy suit hangers instead of shirt hangers so that you can use it for tops or bottoms or both.

If you have a closet with one closet rod and a shelf above, you can cascade up to 5 slim line hangers per inch of the closet rod. This way for the width of about an inch, you can hang at least 5 pieces of clothing. By using suit hangers you can even double this by using 1 hanger for both top and bottom of coordinating outfits like pants/skirts and matching shirt/top. That is one workweek’s outfit in about an inch.

Let’s consider a specific scenario to illustrate some of these ideas.

For a reach-in closet that is 5 feet (60 inches) wide, you should be able to comfortably accommodate two hanging accessory shelves (each 12 inches wide) and 72 slim hangers (2 hangers per inch).

If you cascade, allow one inch per one set of 5 cascaded hangers. This will give you a total of 180 hangers and you will be able to hang 180 pieces of clothing!

You can even double this by combining one bottom and its coordinating or matching top into one hanger. That is three months worth of 2 piece outfits for two people.

With the right accessories and a little bit of creativity you can organize a bedroom closet even with limited space.

If your closet is two-tiered (with two closet rods one higher and one about half way from the floor), use the upper one for tops and the lower one for bottoms. Depending on the height between the rods and also the length of the garment, see if you can cascade the hangers. Usually you should be able to cascade at least two.

You still have the floor space for shoes. If you need more storage for shoes, consider an over the door shoe rack. To maximize space, you could use both sides of closet door. They come in 12, 18, 24 or 36 pair sizes and $13 to $30 price range and are available at super markets. If you have a sliding or bifold closet door, use the back of the master bedroom door. Depending on the height available, you can also use shoe racks. Leave one or both end(s) of the closet without cascading the hangers (or cascade 2 or 3 hangers instead of 5) to make space for shoe racks and put them depth wise.

There are also inexpensive hanging jewelry organizers. An 80 pocket (40 on each side) clear pocket organizer is under $13. This can also be used for hair accessories and can be hung in the closet or a door using an over the door hook. Its clear pockets make it easier to see the contents and find what you need quickly. Hanging it on the bathroom door (inside or outside) will provide easy access when getting ready.

Feel free to try out other ideas to organize bedroom and enhance your space. The aim is to have a place for everything, and keep everything in its place, so that life becomes simpler and your home becomes more enjoyable. So implement whatever you feel will facilitate this goal when you organize the bedroom and the closet. Remember to maintain it.

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