Organize Bedroom (Guest)

This article explains how to organize bedroom, specifically the guest bedroom. A guest bedroom should be inviting and comfortable. De-clutter and organize it to create a peaceful and relaxing environment for your guests.

If you haven’t read my article on tips yet, I strongly suggest you read it before you begin organizing any of the rooms. That article will help you get through these tasks a whole lot easier and help you keep your results once you are done.

It is relatively simpler to organize a bedroom for guests compared to master or kid's bedroom. You still need to have realistic goals and split tasks into small chunks. This way you can complete them in a reasonable amount of time and make progress. So set time limits (1 to 2 hr maximum) for each session of work. Do what you can in that time limit. Then, wait for the next day or weekend, otherwise you will be exhausted. Take a break, look at what you have accomplished and enjoy it. This is the best way to inspire and motivate yourself.

Your first task should be clearing items in open areas as explained in article Home Organization Tips (When you begin). Separate them into five categories and appropriately arrange them as explained. You only need to keep a few items in the guest room; so that most of the space is available for your guests.

Essential furniture for this room is a mattress on a bed or on rails, nightstand(s) and lamp(s). If space permits, create a seating area with a comfortable chair or a recliner. The nightstand can double as a side table for the chair if placed next to each other.

Keep an alarm clock, a carafe of water and a box of tissues on the nightstand. Night lights (one each in the room, hallway to the bathroom and in the bathroom) or a flashlight can be of great help to your guests since they are in an unfamiliar environment. Also, if you have a TV in the room, keep a channel listing along with remote on the nightstand. Keeping their convenience in mind is very important when you organize the bedroom for guests.

Leave plenty of open space to keep their luggage. This could be the floor space in the closet. A folding luggage rack is a great addition. You can keep it in the closet. Also keep some extra pillows and blankets in the closet shelf. If you don’t have space in the bathroom, you can keep towels in the closet shelf as well. You can also leave the towels along with a decorative container of travel size toiletries at the foot of the bed. Also leave the hanging space in the closet empty for guests along with some hangers.

Having a mirror in the room allows guests to get ready in the bedroom instead of taking up the bathroom.

If you have overnight guests only couple of times a year, this room could double as a craft, scrapbooking, sewing or a home office or vice versa. It should be something you could do without while your guests are using the room. Also make sure all the supplies are stowed away neatly. If you are using a desk, this could double as a nightstand. A desk could also work as a vanity area by pacing a mirror above it. Furniture is expensive - so having furniture that can do multiple functions is a good option when you organize a bedroom especially if the room is small.

If the room does not have a closet or not enough space in the closet because this room doubles as an office or a hobby room, keep a garment rack (under $15) in the room. You can reuse it the laundry room when the guests leave. There are also folding garment racks (more expensive like around $50) if you like a space saving option when not in use.

Garment Rack

Now that you know how to organize a bedroom, you are ready to tackle other bedrooms like the master or kid's bedrooms. Be proud to show off the room to your guests. They will find it extremely inviting. They may stay longer! Make sure you maintain it.

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