Organize Computer Files

This section is about how to organize computer files. It is very important to have everything on your computer organized (and backed-up). Nothing undermines your creativity and efficiency like a cluttered computer.

It sure is easy to save everything to desktop, but this soon leads to a busy screen making it very difficult to work. It takes a little bit of planning to set up a folder structure to have a place for everything. But once the setup is done, it is easy to save new documents and files in the appropriate places.

This article on how to organize computer files will help you decide on the structure that will work for different kinds of objects - like photos, documents etc. These steps will work on both Windows and Mac. The information provided here don’t require you to purchase any additional software tools.

Photos - The main focus while storing photos is ease of retrieval. Photos from digital cameras have names that are not helpful while searching your computer for specific photos. Follow these simple steps to have all your photos archived nicely. You can follow similar steps to archive home videos.

Documents - Here you can find tips to organize your computer documents. It is important to separate documents by subject so that it is easy to access what you want quickly.

Music Files - Try these ideas to organize your songs. This will let you enjoy your collection easily.

Favorite websites - As the number of favorites grows in your web browser, it could get quite difficult to find the link you are looking for. Here you can find a sample structure you can follow to organize your favorites.

Email - Cluttered email inbox can be a pain to manage. Read this and be on your way to a clean email system.

Backing Up - Here is what I follow to back-up all my data. This is perhaps the most important thing in the digital world.

You can extend these ideas to other digital files you want to organize. Feel free to fine tune according to your needs. Whenever you store a new file, make sure you follow the structure you have set up.

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