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This page "Organize It" links to articles that will help you organize household items.

If you would like to read about organizing rooms as a whole, you can head over here. If you are interested in a specific area of your house, go to this page to organize it.

These articles are intended to give you ideas to organize one item at a time if you don't want to tackle the whole room. You can make significant progress towards making your home well organized by addressing smaller chunks at a time.

I suggest you read my articles on organizing tips first. Regardless of the item, you will find those tips very helpful while organizing it. As always, feel free to adjust the ideas shared here to suit your lifestyle.

More items will be added in the near future, so check back frequently. You can also go to "What's New" page to see recently added articles.

Bills: Organize bills (invoices/statements) and save yourself a lot of stress in life.

Books: This article explains how to organize books. No more books lying around in your home! Organize to have a nice library or a reading area.

CDs: Follow these tips to organize your CDs for easy access.

Clothes: Article on how to organize clothing.

Coupons: Organize coupons and save money on groceries and other household items.

DVDs: Keep your DVD collection organized.

Magazines: Organize magazines to save time, money and take full advantage of its purpose.

Makeup: Organize makeup and save time and money.

Manuals: Organizing manuals, related warranties and receipts is extremely useful.

Photos: Organize your printed photos. With organized photos, you will be able to enjoy them more.

Receipts: Organizing receipts will help you in several ways.

Recipes: Ideas to organize recipes and save time.

Shoes: Keep your shoes organized.

Spices: Article on organizing spices for your kitchen.

Tools: Organize tools to save time and to make working with tools more enjoyable.

Toys: This article will help you organize kids' toys.

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