Organizing Your Home

Here you will find information for organizing your home room by room.

Depending on the current state, organizing your home can be a big task. But don’t despair. Like any big task, the key is to divide and conquer. So I have divided this section into smaller chunks, mainly room by room listed alphabetically below.

As I write about how to organize your room, I will also talk about how to declutter your home. This is an important part of any organizing task. If you haven’t read already, please read the home organization tips before you begin.

Let us start organizing your home. Click on the links below to read more.


Bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is the place where you get ready in the morning to go about your day. (Read more)

Bedroom (Guest)

A guest bedroom should be inviting and comfortable. De-clutter and organize guest bedroom to create a peaceful and relaxing environment... (Read more)

Bedroom (Kids)

Just like adults, children need a place of their....(Read more)

Bedroom (Master)

Master bedroom is your own private retreat... (Read more)

Craft Room

A craft room is for activities like sewing, quilting, scrapbooking, painting, gift wrapping etc. A properly organized craft room ... (Read more)

Dining Room

It is a well known fact that eating meals together as a family is important. There are a lot of studies and research out there that shows children... (Read more)


Foyer or entry way is the first place your guests see when they come to your house. “First impression is the best impression” – So it makes sense ... (Read more)


The main purpose of the garage is to park ... (Read more)

Home Office

Setting up a home office depends on your needs (whether it is just for your family or you are running a home based business) and also the space available. (Read more)


Now a days a kitchen is not just a space for meal preparation, it is the hub of the household. It gets used more often than any other room in the house. (Read more)

Laundry Room

Even though it is a purely functional and .... (Read more)

Living Room

If you don’t have a foyer, your living room is.... (Read more)


Children have lot of energy. They are always ... (Read more)

Storage Area/Basement

Everybody needs more storage space. So utilizing all the available space in your home is important. (Read more)

Organizing your home is a very rewarding exercise. The results are immediate and very satisfying. Happy organizing!

I will be adding more topics regularly. So please check back.

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