Reuse Boxes

You can reuse boxes in a variety of ways detailed below.

I reuse cardboard boxes to group toys like stuffed animals, cars, dolls, action figures, puzzles, building toys, books etc. Label them using photos of the toys for easy identification.

Another way to reuse cardboard shipping boxes is to organize out-of-season clothing and holiday decorations. Label the boxes using stickers, photos or permanent marker for easy identification of the contents since they are not see-through.

Use boxes in garage to group like items from different categories like lawn (grass seed, lawn fertilizers, weed killer, oils for lawn mover), garden (potting soil, plant seeds and food etc.), driveway (concrete cleaners, oil for snow thrower, ice melt etc.), automotive (windshield wiper fluid, anti freeze, car washing solutions etc.), hardware (nails, screws etc.), pesticides and so on.

In a similar way, reuse square or round mailing tubes to hold longer items like moldings, wood pieces and pipes.

Shipping boxes or shoe boxes can be reused to store CDs and DVDs in a bookcase, media drawer or similar storage unit, so that you can utilize the entire height and depth of the shelf or storage unit. Remember to label the boxes for easy identification (like "Drama: A-C”).

You can also reuse shipping or shoe boxes inside dresser drawers to group smaller items such as underwear, socks, panty hoses and ties.

Shoe boxes are also great to store recipe cards, greeting cards, small toys, arts, crafts and sewing supplies, extra bulbs etc. They are also good for using in foyer closet shelf to store keys, wallets, gloves, mittens, hats etc. Designate a box for each family member and label them. This way you always know where your keys, wallets etc. are. 

They can also be used in the bathroom or linen closet for toiletries (like soaps, shampoos and body lotions) before putting them on the shelves. 

Reuse tissue boxes or cereal boxes inside desk drawers and junk drawer. Cut the top off, use packing tape to reinforce the bottom and sides and use them inside the drawer to group like items like pens, pencils, rulers, candles, flash lights etc. 

I reuse check book boxes to store batteries. Use separate boxes for each type (AA, AAA, D etc.) of battery.

You can reuse boxes of parchment paper, cling wrap or aluminum foil as risers to elevate items like spices, jars, cans etc. in the back of the cabinet so that they are more visible. Leave the empty cardboard tube inside for strength. Wrap the boxes with contact paper for a decorative touch.

Ways to reuse boxes are endless. All you need is a little bit of imagination. Use these tips as a starting place to come up with your own ideas!

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